Guided tour of ,Cities and (Velo)cities‘ exhibition


18.6.2016 at 3pm

‚Cities and (Velo)cities‘ is an exhibition of contemporary photography coming from Visegrad countries – Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. The exhibition was put together by free curators – Václav Janoscik and Drdova Gallery from the Czech Republic (presenting also Slovak photographers), Zsofi Faur from Hungary and Monial Szewczyk and Galeria Arsenal from Poland. They will be present at the guided tour in order to present each charter of the exhibition. he first section presents the basic idea of time and motion in urban space with work from Hungarian artists. The second part analyses the current urban conditions, and features authors from Czech Republic and Slovakia. The final chapter focuses on the vision and future of the city, using social media and digital photography as conceived by Polish artists.

Venue: De Markten

Coprod.: Balassi Institute · Polish Institute in Brussels · Czech Centre Brussels · Drdova Gallery · Zsófi Faur Gallery · Galeria Arsenał · Embassy Hungary
Support Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic · The International Visegrad Fund · The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary