De Donkere Kamer


Through presentations, interviews and current debates, “De Donkere
Kamer” zooms in on photography in 2016. The focus is not on a single
aspect of photography, but on many. Young and old masters;
domestic and international; new shots and famous work.
The spectrum is wide, the image comprehensibleand the visual
pleasure great. “De Donkere Kamer” aims to offer a view of this
world through custom and unconventional emphases as well as
proven concepts. It also offers a unique opportunity to new talent
as three young creative photographers have been offered the chance
to present a new project as part of the “Pitch your photo project”
initiative. A public vote will determine the distribution of the
entrance fee amongst the three projects.

23.06.2016 - 20.00

€ 8

BOZAR/ Centre for Fine Arts
Rue Ravenstein
1000 Brussels

Picture : Observatoire © Noemie Goudal