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4A Cité Fontainas
1060 Brussels
50° 50' 1.842" N, 4° 20' 30.0948" E

Sarah Lowie

Six Mille
15.06 - 04.09.2016

A group of young rappers who live together.
Who get into trouble together.
A group of young rappers who have chosen.
Chosen their lifestyle.
Who have, consciously or unconsciously, taken their place in the system.
A place where they are outsiders.
Without jobs, living on benefits,
family allowances or on nothing at all.
They show us all those lusts that the system tries to hide.
Filthhidden behind a layer of sequins.
Booze, drugs, sex, manipulation, blackmail... Welcome to Charleroi.
Don’t try to make us obey your rules, we have our own.