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In collaboration with: KunstenfestivaldesArts Support: Berlin, the Research Fund of KU Leuven and Imane Farès Gallery, Paris

Sammy Baloji & Filip De Boeck

Urban Now : City life in Congo
08.05 - 14.08.2016

The Congolese artist Sammy Baloji and the Belgian anthropologist Filip De Boeck have researched the history of ideas and cultural politics in post-colonial Africa.
Both are fascinated by the way in which past and present glide across each other in today’s large Congolese cities. By way of anexhibition and a publication, Baloji and De Boeck present the results of an artistic and ethnographic study of the ‘urban now’:
African metropolises at the tipping point between the broken dreams of the
colonial past and the resounding promises of a neoliberal future.
In the resulting gap, new social spaces emerge, invented by the inhabitants
themselves in order to circumvent and overcome poverty, exclusion and violence.